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All new pool installations include patio blocks, sand and ground preparation up to 6" off level. Extra charge for:
- Jack hammering
 - Leveling ground over the 6"
- Handling charge if pool site is inaccessible by dump truck
Handling charge approximately $150
Installation does not include water, electrical or dirt removal.


Bottom Drain:  $199 Bottom Drain image.
We also offer a bottom drain installation for your above-ground pool. This is a Hayward drain installed in the bottom of the pool and then plumbed into the filter system virtually eliminating any need for vacuuming of your pool.

Plumbing Upgrade: $199 Plumbing image.
We offer a plumbing upgrade using a flexible PVC hose and quality, glued fittings, including twist-off disconnects. This makes for a much neater and higher quality filtration system.

We do offer a trenching service for your electrical line to the pool. Although we recommend that you wait till after the pool is installed before you actually run your electrical line we can cut the 18" trench that is required to bury the line. Most electricians will require that the customer arrange to have that done prior to them getting there. Ask the crew for a quote as this is done depending on the distance and type of ground that we are cutting.

We will set the liner with the garden hose. It is not necessary to have a truckload of water during installation (exception: 30' and 33' rounds).

We will contact you a couple of days prior to your installatoin date to confirm directions and time.

Feel free to e-mail us directions to your home. (from Mid-Hudson bridge)

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